Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – from maritime applications to spray nozzles and wind turbine rotor

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – from maritime applications to spray nozzles and wind turbine rotor

In recent years, CFD has been a new development and competence area in FRECON.

At FRECON, we look forward to even more CFD tasks over the coming years. Here is a selection of some of our CFD tasks:

  • CFD simulation of maritime application: Infusion simulation of air bubbles into water to reduce the density surrounding a washing jet. The challenge was to get enough water jet velocity to effectively rinse with water under water.
  • CFD simulation of spray nozzle application: Optimizing flow on drop spread in spray nozzle. The challenge was to reduce the deposition of paint that settles on the screen.
  • CFD simulation of wind turbine rotor: Simulation of lift and drag around wind turbine blade for calculation of ”leading edge erosion” impacts.
  • CFD simulation of thermal storage: Simulation of temperature and pressure gradient through the storage medium; i.e. measuring of the heat distribution in the tank. The simulation is to be used in the further process of upscaling of prototypes: FRECON part of new Stiesdal project involving thermal energy storage.
CFD fits incredibly well into our established and strong area of expertise within analysis, simulation, and calculation. CFD is a method that can add the slightest details when it comes to optimizing the flow of gases and liquids. Not only does it apply in mechanical designs, but also in many other areas. This includes, for example, cooling of electrical and electronic components.
Ida Rasmussen
Illustration is an example from our White Paper: Simulation of Wind Turbine Rotor with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
The article may give you valuable information on what CFD is about and how it can be used to optimize flow of gases and liquids.
Ida Rasmussen

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