”We take our responsibility as consulting engineers seriously”

At FRECON, we dedicate ourselves to work purposefully with five of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. As consultants for the industry, we are obliged to take responsibility. In a world with increasing demand for reducing and documenting climate footprints, we aim to make it easier and more transparent for our customers to take environment-friendly decisions.

What exactly is sustainability in a consulting engineering company? And how can we contribute to the green agenda when we are not manufacturing those solutions that we design and calculate?

The answer lies in our DNA: At FRECON, we are experts in optimizing mechanical solutions, and we are not afraid to challenge our customers to think smarter, greener and in cost-optimized solutions.

That is why we have chosen to focus our business on 5 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals that not only benefit the green agenda, but also our customers.

FRECON supports the Sustainable Development Goals:


Sustainable Development Goal 7: Sustainable energy is among our core competencies
FRECON has its roots in the wind power industry and more than 20 years of experience in working with Renewable Energy. In addition to our role as a strong and credible partner for some of the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers, we support the UN SDG 7 through projects within thermal energy storage and energy efficiency improvement. It lies in our DNA to challenge the industry, and we are constantly working on new innovation concepts that can contribute to sustainable energy solutions of the future.

Sustainable Development Goal 9: We support a sustainable and innovative industry
As an engineering company consisting of specialists, we enjoy challenging our customers when optimizing new and existing solutions. As consultants, we bear part of the responsibility in ensuring that the industrial solutions of the future also use sustainable and innovative technologies, where materials and resources are utilized efficiently.

Sustainable Development Goal 12: We want to motivate responsible material- and resource decisions
As technical consultants, we are committed to ensuring that the industry is advised to utilize the earth’s resources most efficiently. Sustainability comes in many forms, and at FRECON it often pays off to think about sustainability in the value chain. We help our customers in the industry to take responsible material- and resource decisions, and we are able to document the savings in CO2 emissions when we advise on cost optimization and material savings, on optimization of energy and heat consumption in processing, and on using recycled materials as a contribution to the circular economy.

Sustainable development goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions
The world as we know it seems more and more unpredictable. At FRECON we believe in – and support – a world with peace, justice and strong institutions. A world we care for and protect begins with our own behavior and action.

Sustainable development Goal 17: Valuable partnerships for sustainable development and action
Alliances and partnerships are pivotal for tangible results in building sustainable development. FRECON is an active member in Energy Cluster and strives to enter EU projects focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that we are stronger together.