FRECON’s light bulb heads

FRECON’s light bulb heads

Who are we?

Professional curiosity, extensive know-how and the courage to think outside the box are what meet customers when they work with FRECON’s engineers. We call them light bulb heads because new ideas and innovation concepts can pop up quite unexpectedly – but to the great benefit of customers in the industry.

It can happen in the middle of the TV show ‘The Great Danish Bake Off’, on the drive home or even during the morning shower. No one knows exactly when or what’s going on inside a FRECON engineer’s head when twisted ideas start popping up. However, we know one thing for sure. Creative minds and nerdy brain power are at the core of FRECON’s DNA – and if we make room for them, it pays off.

We know very well that a light bulb head does not necessarily sound like the recipe for a consultant working within a fixed structure. But we have chosen to embrace the enormous value it gives to have employees who generate ideas on their own initiative and challenge current technologies and methods in the industry.
Claus Mølgaard Jensen

It often takes many ideas to get one really good idea, and FRECON makes sure to set the environment for a culture with room for idea generation.

“It is a priority in our management to make room for and stimulate twisted ideas and original thoughts. You never know when a light bulb head will come up with something completely ingenious here at FRECON,” says Claus Mølgaard Jensen.



Ideas will suddenly start to pop
Like popcorn simmering in a hot pot, you never know exactly when FRECON’s quirky ideas and inputs will come to life. Still, it’s no coincidence when they start to pop.

“FRECON’s light bulb heads have a special ability to find those places where the shoe pinches at our customers,” explains Claus Mølgaard Jensen. “And they have a comprehensive back catalog to turn to when it comes to solving industry challenges.”

The back catalog referred to is the interdisciplinary strength that FRECON is made of. More than 20 years of experience in working with mechanical solutions in everything from food processing to wind turbines provides invaluable accumulated knowledge about possible solution models and technologies.

“So, when we say that our popping ideas cannot be controlled and often arise spontaneously, they still have roots in our extensive know-how from the industry. And customers can feel that too when we present our solutions and innovation concepts to them,” adds Claus Mølgaard Jensen.

The culture forms a solid foundation
The interdisciplinary aspects of FRECON’s business has been cultivated since the beginning. The two owners, Frederik Rytter and Leif Christoffersen, have over the years emphasized that high professionalism also means close collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Our culture is the basis for us to attract the super-talented and slightly twisted personalities who can offer something special. At the same time, we have always made room for young and experienced colleagues to learn from each other, so that we constantly make each other better and more skilled
Claus Mølgaard Jensen

Great initiative, skilled know-how and light bulb heads are thus a central part of FRECON’s culture as engineering house.

“Our vision of being the first choice among customers and employees is supported by our strong set of values, where high professionalism and innovation go hand in hand with teamwork and value-creating solutions for our customers. In this way, there must be room for twisted ideas to pop up, because innovation is something we cultivate,” concludes Claus Mølgaard Jensen.