Medico/Healthcare Industry

Medico/Healthcare Industry

We love to create, and when it involves improving equipment for patients, it is almost as good as it gets for us.

Medical equipment is used in hospitals, rehabilitation centres, primary care centres, and patients’ homes. For example, we have helped to calculate and simulate the development of the next generation of catheters for an insulin pump for patients with diabetes.

We are always proud to be involved in such projects because we can really make a difference in improving patients’ lives. At the same time, these projects are incredibly interesting and challenging from a professional perspective.

Our solutions have included:

  • Concept study in relation to a patient lift
  • New catheters for infusion kits for patients with diabetes


The collaboration with FRECON was excellent. Their work is high-quality, and together we have created a useful solution which has now completed the final tests and is ready for the market.
Tobias Stumpe
Design & Development Engineer, Unomedical
Frederik Rytter

What can we do for you?

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Frederik Rytter
Senior Solution Engineer & Partner