Why & what

Why & what

Your results count!
Mechanical solutions are our driving force, passion, and expertise. From consulting to concrete solutions and the implementation of complete mechanical projects.

What you get

At FRECON you get simple, innovative mechanical designs – from large, complex industrial equipment to small mechanical tools and components.

We develop and optimise your concepts and designs, make prototypes, simulations, analysis and calculations, and technical documentation.

When we say that our mechanical designs are first-rate, it means you get promptly processes, and simple, precise solutions that make a positive difference in large segments of your value chain. We focus on making sure that your products are not just aesthetic, functional and effective, we also ensure that they are as cost-optimised as possible.

For example, why pay for more material if the material thickness can be significantly reduced without compromising on requirements or functionality? Or why pay for expensive materials when in fact a less expensive alternative is available? Or why pay for an expensive design if the design can be further optimised?

The FRECON team is essential to us. Behind each consultant is a team of technical specialists, who excel in complementing and helping each other. Thus, when you collaborate with us, you don’t just get one individual consultant, you get a whole team of knowledge.


Your relationship with FRECON
We will gladly challenge your new or existing solutions, and we approach your projects with an innovative mindset, extensive technical proficiency, flexibility, and passion.

Your results count, which is why we ensure that you get effective, value-creating mechanical solutions through close and honest collaboration with you and the rest of our interdisciplinary team.
Your relationship with FRECON


Why do we do it? Because we can’t help ourselves! We are driven by a deep-felt passion for mechanical design and we love the challenge of designing a simple solution for you. Because a simple solution is a good solution. It is the solution that provides you with the greatest overall value.

It is the solution that requires sound collaboration, extensive experience, innovation and, above all, close integration between design and calculation.