Offshore/Marine/Oil & gas

Offshore/Marine/Oil & gas

With extensive experience in meeting stringent quality requirements and comprehensive documentation, we are well-equipped to supply mechanical design solutions focused on safety.

With FRECON’s extensive experience from applications for the offshore wind sector, we are now focussing on other disciplines in the Marine Industry, such as Oil & Gas and other offshore solutions.

At FRECON, we have extensive expertise, particularly in wind turbines and the Food Industry, which makes us well-equipped to meet stringent quality standards and to prepare comprehensive documentation, which is largely applicable to the Offshore, Marine, Oil & Gas industries.


Our solutions have included:

  • Transition piece for wind turbine foundations
  • Floating wind turbine foundations
  • Cranes for offshore applications
  • Offshore WTG towers
  • Offshore nacelle
  • Offshore hub design
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