Our culture

Our culture

FRECON is a mix of professional curiosity and a strong team spirit.

At FRECON, you become part of a dynamic culture that emphasizes professionalism, teamwork and knowledge-sharing. We have a flat organizational structure with room for initiatives and good ideas. “FREakCON” is the name of our staff association, and our team spirit is strong.

At FRECON, there is plenty of elbow room in a flat, down-to-earth management structure. The size of our company means that everyone is able to influence decisions and provide excellent ideas for new developments. We dare to challenge existing frameworks, both in-house and at our customers, and we exert a lot of influence over our projects.

We encourage new and innovative ideas, and if you have a good idea, you might get a chance to execute it. There is a reason we call ourselves light bulb heads – we get ideas and have the courage to think outside the box.

Professional ‘nerdom’ in the best sense of the word

AT FRECON, we support each other, and we don’t hesitate to ask our colleagues for help, since the sum of our different areas of expertise and experience creates the very best results, which we are passionate about.

We are dynamic, exceptionally proficient and perhaps technical nerds in the best sense of the word.

And we love our company values because they are a natural part of who we are.

An important part of our company culture is that everyone must be prepared to learn and to share knowledge. This is why we like to sit in pairs when exchanging and sounding out ideas. It is an important element in the continued development of both employees and the company – for the great benefit of our customers.
Frederik Rytter
Partner og Senior Solution Specialist, FRECON

FRECON evenings strengthens our professional unity

Once every quarter, so-called ‘FRECON evenings’ are held. They are evenings with professional and relevant content and although the name indicates a focus on FRECON, it is often external presenters who are in the spotlight sharing knowledge. The purpose is to support our goal of continuously learning and developing our engineering skills.

FRECON evenings can cover multiple topics in one evening, such as digital twins, IoT, advanced ANSYS features, or 3D design. We often use the same opportunity to create insight into our own projects, where we exchange knowledge across employees.

Sometimes our FRECON evenings come in the shape of a workshop. For instance, watch this video where we build and programmed 20 AGVs in our canteen:


Social events and staff association

In addition to our ‘nerdom’ and company values, we value the well-being of all our colleagues. 

That is why we have a lot of social events that are held by either FRECON or our staff association called “FREakCON”. The events range from summer parties to go-kart racing, and we enjoy celebrating great results together. We even have semi-annual social events, where the entire engineering house is out of office to have fun with each other.

For example, here is a short video from a day full of Action and Gourmet, and another video from a race at Jyllandsringen.





Ida Rasmussen

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Ida Rasmussen