Food Processing Industry

Food Processing Industry

FRECON has supplied a large number of mechanical design and technical documentation solutions for process equipment and process plants for the food industry.

For years, our mechanical design solutions for the food industry have comprised a large share of our customer projects. This means we have extensive experience in meeting stringent requirements relating to stainless steel approved for use with foodstuffs, the machining of thin plate, cleaning-friendly joints, etc.

For example, we collaborate with the Funen-based company Cabinplant, which supplies food production equipment for seafood, meat, poultry, vegetables and other foods. In collaboration with Cabinplant, we provide solutions for process equipment, process plants, etc.

Our solutions have included:

  • Systems for handling and sorting potatoes
  • Pre-cleaning systems
  • Blanchers
  • Conveyor and metal detector for conveyors
  • Weighing stations
  • Various boilers
  • Walkways for personnel
  • Rotary washing machine
  • Steam tunnel
  • Boiling pans


We have enjoyed a first-rate, value-creating collaboration with FRECON over several years, developing process equipment for the food industry. FRECON provides flexibility and competent development resources. They are experienced professionals, with a practical approach and match our company culture perfectly.
Jens Pallesen
Technical Manager, Cabinplant
Frederik Rytter

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