Vacant positions

Vacant positions

We carry out a wide range of mechanical projects for our customers in different industries and for different purposes. Two tasks are rarely the same. Do you want to be challenged professionally? Then contact us, we are interested in hearing from you.

At FRECON, you will become part of an engineering team that is proud of its technical proficiency and has an innovative mindset. Our company exudes honesty and team spirit, and we excel at working across disciplines and helping each other. Together we create efficient processes, unique solutions, and first-rate results!

You will join a team of professionals with a wide variety of specialist competencies and levels of experience. Age is no barrier on our team. We focus solely on qualifications and not someone’s date of birth; this generates unique team dynamism that we love. This means that you will join a team with a unique, nuanced knowledge sharing approach, where we help each other to create the best solutions.

You will work with different customers and different tasks; your skills enhancement will be ongoing through challenging projects in different industries. The position as a consultant at FRECON will therefore present you with many opportunities to develop personally and professionally.

You will be based at one of our three offices and of course out at our customers.


Unsolicited applications are very welcome and worth it!

Send your application to Claus Mølgaard Jensen, CEO, tel.:+45 40 28 91 71, e-mail:

Professional and social togetherness
At FRECON, professional collaboration and social activities are given high priority. This is why it is standard practice for all employees to be at the various offices to eat breakfast together and work on Friday, and on the first Friday of the month, all employees meet at Horsens for a monthly meeting to eat breakfast and lunch together and to work across departments.

We also meet up for a “Quarterly Reward”. For example, this might be a trip to Escape Games with a meal in a restaurant and go-carting for fun. And naturally, we meet up to share knowledge and participate in courses and social activities, such as the annual summer party and Christmas party and participate in other events organised by our staff association FREakCON.

Professional and social togetherness
If you are stationed at a customer’s premises for a prolonged period of time, there are still plenty of opportunities to meet with the FRECON team to share and sound out ideas and talk with colleagues. This is good for professional cohesion and for developing the most value-creating solutions for customers.
Peter Jacobi
Lead Design Engineer, FRECON
Claus Mølgaard Jensen

Want to know more about our job opportunities?

Do you want to know more about FRECON, our team, and our job opportunities, please do not hesitate to call us or send us an e-mail!
Claus Mølgaard Jensen