Frecon part of new stiesdal project involving thermal energy storage

Frecon part of new stiesdal project involving thermal energy storage

“Mr Wind Power”, Henrik Stiesdal, is working with thermal energy storage in a new project. FRECON is part of the project, working with the construction, calculation and simulation of several new technologies.

Wind power is a major focus area in Denmark, and the government has made it a firm objective that sustainable energy must cover 100% of Denmark’s energy consumption by 2050. One of the main challenges involved in meeting this objective is to ensure that the energy is available when needed.

On the face of it, Denmark is only a small player when you look at the total energy consumption in the world. We nevertheless play a major role in setting the international agenda when it comes to the development and demonstration of energy solutions, especially within wind power.

Thermal storage of sustainable energy
Denmark is thus working continuously on developing ways to store the generated sustainable energy, and thermal storage of power is one of the more promising technologies in this context. Different thermal storage solutions present different advantages. Some may, for example, be suitable for greenfield projects, while others are more suitable for the conversion of former coal power plants.




Development of reduced-size models Photo
Henrik Stiesdal has been working for some time on various energy storage models, and right now FRECON is involved in developing a reduced-size model of a new, industrialised concept. “In this process, our skills within construction and, in particular, CFD and thermal simulation are important tools, but we also benefit greatly from being involved in the development of new technologies,” says CEO Bo Birkemose.

Proud of the collaboration
“It goes without saying that FRECON is proud to be developing new technologies together with Stiesdal, who has already proved more than once that he masters the process of turning technology from paper theory into industrial reality,” says CEO Bo Birkemose. “We are also extremely pleased that we can contribute solutions that will make our planet a better and cleaner place to be.”

Development programme for suppliers to the wind turbine industry
The project is one of many that are supported by the Danish development programme (Det Energiteknologiske Udviklings- og Demonstrationsprogram) for suppliers to the wind turbine industry, a nation-wide programme focusing on helping small and medium-sized enterprises navigate and grow in the rapidly changing wind turbine industry. Energy Innovation Cluster is the development programme’s secretariat.