Further development of mobile blaster and preparation for CE certification

Further development of mobile blaster and preparation for CE certification

FRECON has been responsible for the further development of the customer’s prototype so it complies with current standards for CE certification. The work involved calculations, changes to the construction and preparation of documentation.

The customer in question develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of equipment for surface treatment, including solutions for the entire process prior to, during and after the surface treatment (e.g. ventilation). The products are sold all over the world.

New standards presented new challenges
“We had been sitting for some time on a prototype for a mobile blaster which we wanted to have updated and prepared for potential CE certification and production,” says the customer’s CEO. We contacted FRECON, as we did not have the necessary resources to do the job ourselves.


We have been extremely satisfied with our cooperation with FRECON in connection with this job. They completed the task we gave them and implemented the changes to the construction that are required for the certification; they identified new sub-suppliers, handled the contact with the authorities and prepared all documentation. We are now ready to apply for certification of the blaster and start production when we think the time is right.
The customer's CEO

Review and documentation
After an initial introduction to the job by the customer, FRECON took over responsibility for the job. Initially FRECON made extensive calculations of the current blaster in accordance with applicable rules for pressure equipment and prepared a full set of documentation. Both are requirements for approval by a third party such as Bureau Veritas.

With the customer’s help, all documentation from current sub-suppliers was also made available, as it had to be included in the future set of documentation.

While performing the calculations, FRECON discovered that it was necessary to make some changes to the construction to ensure that the blaster would comply with current regulations. One such example was an inspection hatch which did not comply with the latest requirements.

Good dialogue with suppliers and authorities
Throughout the process, FRECON enjoyed a good dialogue with potential new sub-suppliers in the market, which FRECON had identified – suppliers who can live up to the new standards in connection with the future production of the blaster. FRECON also had extensive discussions with the authorities about the forthcoming approval and made sure that everything is in place for the CE certification of the blaster.

Frederik Rytter

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