We have a dream at FRECON

We have a dream at FRECON

… about COOL FREEDOM. The dream and vision is shared by all employees who have turned, twisted and “tasted” it. The verdict is clear. It tastes good!

The foundation of the dream was laid by FRECON owners Leif and Frederik several years ago. “To us, the results, collaboration and freedom to create often becomes a sensory experience,” said Frederik Rytter in connection with the 20-year anniversary of FRECON earlier this year.

Frederik Rytter_FRECON_COOL FREEDOM_Workshop_Mechanical engineering

Frederik Rytter, Partner & Senior Solution Engineer, FRECON

Putting the dream into words

The newly appointed CEO (and former Sales Director), Claus Mølgaard Jensen, has passed the ball with the dream of the owners on to the employees of FRECON. Everyone has repeatedly participated in the work of putting the dream into words. Thus, the dream was also on the agenda along with the strategic goals during FRECON’s trip to Budapest this fall. In the Hungarian capital, FRECON employees worked intensively on both areas, which are closely related.

”The dream is about freedom to act and decide on our own and being so cool that we are irresistible. It’s cool to be cool!,” says Claus Mølgaard Jensen. “We want to be the first choice of our customers and employees because we deliver the most innovative and cool products and services in the market.”

Claus Mølgaard Jensen_CEO_FRECON_COOL FREEDOM_Mechanical engineering

Claus Mølgaard Jensen, CEO in FRECON, presenting the FRECON Dream COOL FREEDOM

A motivational direction
In order to live out the dream, FRECON must be a self-motivating, autonomous and effective organism consisting of technically strong individuals with the greatest team spirit.

“We must act responsibly and respectfully in all relations, and our work must be compelling and supported by synergy. We must continuously learn and improve ourselves,” Claus Mølgaard Jensen elaborates. “It puts great demands on our organization – but we know that our employees have what it takes, as they all wish to be part of COOL FREEDOM.”

FRECON_COOL FREEDOM_Group work_Mindmapping_Mechanical engineering

Group work at workshop in Budapest, Hungary.

FRECON_COOL FREEDOM_Mindmapping_Presentations_Group work_Mechanical engineering

Presentation during workshop in Budapest.

Our dream makes our customers excel
At FRECON, everyone is convinced that the dream of COOL FREEDOM also has a huge impact on the customers. “This is basically nothing new. After all, it’s about the values and culture that have characterized us for many years. But it has been a great process to put it into words,” says Claus Mølgaard Jensen.

”We have so many good experiences in being able to deliver results that shape and fulfill the dreams of our customers. This is based on our professional curiosity and desire to stand out in a world of equal professionals – along with the ambition to pursue the unique in the ordinary. And we achieve customer recognition for our collaboration and results. This tells us that our dream is important and not just an empty illusion.”

FRECON_COOL FREEDOM_Workshop_Group work_Mechanical engineering

FRECON_COOL FREEDOM_Workshop_Mechanical engineering