FRECON in Budapest

FRECON in Budapest

From workshop, team spirit and riffle shooting to Audi, Michelin and medieval dinner

From October 26th to 29th, all FRECON employees worked outside familiar surroundings, when they flew off to the Hungarian capital, Budapest, where four days of teambuilding and professional activities awaited.

In a year where growth and development helped mark the 20 year anniversary of FRECON, the trip to Budapest aimed to ensure continuous progress with common goals, professional inputs and team unity.

A wide-ranging program awaited FRECON employees, when all three offices of Horsens, Tommerup and Esbjerg gathered in Billund Airport and headed towards Budapest.

Workshop towards common strategic goals

At the top of the agenda were three workshops, where FRECON employees got the opportunity to challenge and develop the strategic goals of FRECON. By means of group work and the mind mapping method, it became obvious that the level of common goals and ambitions of FRECON is high – and all FRECON employees contributed actively to further development of a common direction. This is where the FRECON value set – value-creation, innovation & professionalism, credibility and teamwork – became apparent.

“It is actually amazing that despite a resignation from our former CEO a few weeks before departure, we have still enjoyed great benefits from our trip,” says Acting CEO & Sales Director Claus Mølgaard Jensen. “We have experienced unparalleled commitment from all employees, who have contributed to the further development of our common strategic goals and ambitions of FRECON – this provides value in the long run.”

”Vorsprung durch Technik”

A highlight of the trip was the visit to Audi’s factories in the city Györ, approx. 1.5 hour from Budapest. At a 5.2 million square foot facility with 13,000 employees, FRECON employees gained insights into the daily production of 750 Audi cars.

The area uses more than 700 robots, works with Just-in-Time and has a takt time of just 100 seconds. A production unit that works with precision and quality assurance at such high levels can impress even skilled, mechanical engineers from FRECON.

FRECON hits the target every time

In addition to new professional impressions, the trip also offered teambuilding activities. An old bunker set the stage for rifle shooting at the ERVA shooting range, where FRECON employees got to test their abilities with a 0.22 sports pistol, 9 mm Glock17, Taurus .357 revolver and 12/70 Remington pump gun.

With great enthusiasm in their eyes, the employees took turn to aim for the shooter, and the atmosphere was full of competitiveness. One thing is for certain: All FRECON employees hit the target and could brag with great end results.

FRECON hits the target – every time

Unique restaurant experiences and collegial togetherness

No trip without great food and drinks. In Budapest, the FRECON employees were treated with two unique food experiences. First, a trip back in time for a medieval-inspired dinner at Sir Lancelot with dressed servants and a knightly atmosphere, and later the Michelin-recommended restaurant, Textura, with a five-course food and wine menu.

“It is activities like these that make it fun to be an engineering consultant at FRECON. Our consultants always make a huge effort for our customers, where they naturally spend a large part of their working days,” says Acting CEO & Sales Director Claus Mølgaard Jensen. “Shared experiences like this one in Budapest help maintain the team spirit that characterizes the culture of FRECON.”