Thomas Frederiksen, Solution Specialist, FRECON (HORSENS)

Thomas Frederiksen, Solution Specialist, FRECON (HORSENS)

”At FRECON, we are innovative, constructive – and not least productive”

… this fits perfectly with mechanical engineer Thomas Frederiksen.

After many years in the wind turbine industry and a detour to Mærsk, Thomas switched to FRECON in 2015. “My goal was to build on top of my experience palette – also in projects outside the wind turbine industry,” says Thomas. “Basically, I did not have a great desire to become a consultant, but I also spotted a really good match with FRECON.”

FRECON’s approach fits Thomas perfectly

Thomas has worked alongside FRECON since 2004 and knows the skills, values and culture of the company very well.

“Over the years, I have worked with several consultants from FRECON and primarily the two owners Leif and Frederik. We are very innovative, solution-oriented and not least productive. FRECON’s approach to each project has always been a great asset for me as a customer.”
Thomas Frederiksen, Solution Specialist, FRECON

”This is the kind of culture that our two owners have built over the years and still represent. It remains a fundamental part of our company. Our work approach ensures both good progress in each project and room to think big thoughts. It provides some really exciting and valuable solutions for our customers.” Former CEO Claus Mølgaard Jensen adds.

Valuable knowledge sharing
An essential part of the culture of FRECON is the close sharing of knowledge between colleagues. This applies to everyone – younger, older, experienced and recent graduates. The attitude is that everyone has something valuable to offer.

”I really enjoy the knowledge sharing with my colleagues,” says Thomas. “When we work as consultants at our customer’s premises, I like that we meet most Fridays at the office in Horsens. There is always a good opportunity for discussing a project with the colleagues and therefore see new opportunities and perspectives. At the same time, it also strengthens the team spirit that we usually meet once a week.”
Valuable knowledge sharing

Thomas is motivated by the professional work tasks

Consequently, Thomas is very pleased with his change to FRECON and the opportunity to supplement projects in the wind turbine industry with new challenges in other industries.

”I find it extremely motivating when I solve projects where I can combine something I know with something completely new. I have had the opportunity on several occasions with our customers in the food industry, among others with food processing equipment for heat treatment,” says Thomas. “It is clearly the high level of professionalism that motivates me daily along with great momentum in the projects. I have those opportunities here at FRECON.”