Yaiks! Have you ever faced a real-life bear?

Yaiks! Have you ever faced a real-life bear?

Yaiks! Have you ever faced a real-life bear?
Dare to meet FRECONS new mechanic engineer, outdoor explorer and problemsolver.


FRECON welcomes Patrick Thorup Kristensen to our team!


Patrick is a curious problem solver who craves adrenalin and impossible tasks. He is a mechanical engineer with an auto mechanic background, and he knows all there is to know about mechanics and technique – including experience with hydrogen and anti-icing in arctic environments.


A true survivor
But that is not all Patrick can and is. Should we find ourselves on a deserted island, we would be lucky to have Patrick with us. He is a true outdoor survivor who – aside from being a scout – has been on several adventures around the globe. He has faced bears, climbed higher than most people, and prefers cross-country skiing to alpine.

His preference for long hauls also characterizes his work, where he in particularly enjoys solving complex and opaque tasks. “I like when I am forced to put my nerdy skills into play and find a good solution this way” he explains.


Takes it apart and puts it back together
This is also why he enjoys getting his hands dirty by taking things apart and putting them back together. He enjoys knowing how everything works and is connected. “I really enjoy immersing myself in all sort of things and I really thrive when both my nerdy brain and my production brain is activated. So constructing in CAD (computer aided design) is really cool!” he explains while adding that at home he currently fiddles with the households robot vacuum.


Patrick has previously put his ability as a problem solver to use in a EU project where he worked on finding solutions for passive anti-icing of ship decks in arctic environments. Super cool!


Here at FRECON Patrick is already constructing away in CAD programs. We know him as a social straightforward colleague. We are certain it will continue to be a pleasure to work with him.

Welcome Patrick!