Whuuiiisssss! Hang on tight and prepare for take off in 3, 2, 1!

Whuuiiisssss! Hang on tight and prepare for take off in 3, 2, 1!



Hang on tight and prepare for take off in 3, 2, 1!

FRECON welcomes Mathias Bech Helnaes to our team

Mathias is a happy and curious nerd, who is a fan of facts and of virtual worlds, in which he takes it to the next level. He is a mechanical engineer who loves to make mechanical creations and see them turn into reality.

Simulations and 3D-printers

But that is not all there is to Mathias. He takes his passion to the next level when he takes off from the ground in his partly home-built flight simulator. Together with a pilot-friend Mathias flies virtual F14 figthers – like the ones from the movie Topgun. Pretty cool Mathias!

Photo: private

And yes – it was a partly home-built flight simulator! As it happens, Mathias has a passion for making mechanical creations – a passion so big that he, on his home-built(!) 3D-printer, designs parts for flight and car simulators. Among other elements he designs parts for dashboards.

Urge to create

His urge to create also characterize his work, where he loves to design, calculate, and construct.
“The greatest thing about being an engineer is, that you get to visualize these awesome mechanical designs. In your mind you visualize and imagine how each element affects the other and then you create it. You see how it works in real life and it is such a great feeling. It is like a sort of emotional attachment when you create and build it yourself.”

I bet you could use this thing

His desire to create comes forward in all aspects of Mathias’ life and effects both friends and family. As soon as he finds something to enrich other with – he prints it on his 3D-printer. Anything can be printed: sealing clips, adaptors for ventilation systems, fixation blocks for wheels. You name it – he prints it!

At FRECON Mathias is already calculating and constructing away. We have come to know him as a calm, friendly and curios colleague how likes to investigate random facts during lunch conversations. We are certain it will continue to be a pleasure to work with him.
Welcome Mathias!