Waaauuu! Nicolaj observed a heart surgery

Waaauuu! Nicolaj observed a heart surgery


Have you ever observed a heart surgery? Neither have we, but our new engineer, football coach and perfectionist has.

FRECON welcomes Nicolaj Weigand to our team!

Nicolaj is a calm and kind football enthusiast, who aims for the stars and has his heart in the right place. He holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering focused on Product Development and Engineering and he knows a lot about fluid dynamics in the heart and veins.
A handy coach
But there is more to Nicolaj. He is quite competitive, a bit of a handyman, and is currently a football coach. He thought he would grow up to be catching criminals but ended up choosing math – and for that we are pleased.

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At home Nicolaj silently hopes that something breaks – just so he can fix it. He loves to repair things and when he bought a new 3D-printer, he took it apart, just so he could put it back together. “It is a great way to learn how it works, and it makes it so much easier to repair it, in case it breaks.” he explains.

Let’s bring it to the test!
The desire to take things apart and put them back together, goes hand in hand with his eagerness to learn new and different. This desire resulted in him challenging his competencies as an engineer, by researching if and how fluid dynamics can be transferred to the human heart and circuit.
“It turns out the heart functions ad a pump and the heart valves as a non-return valve. That way it is possible to calculate the circuit like any other piped system – for example a plumbing system. It is super interesting” he explains.  We think the same. Well done Nicolaj!

At FRECON Nicolaj is already calculating away and we know him as a friendly and pleasant colleague, who likes to challenge himself by jumping wholehearted into any task. We are certain it will continue to be a pleasure to work with him.
Welcome Nicolaj!