Valuable three-way collaboration with Danhydra

Valuable three-way collaboration with Danhydra

For several years, FRECON has served as an external calculation specialist for Danhydra. All tasks involve a close three-way collaboration between Danhydra, its customers and FRECON.

FRECON’s long-standing experience of design and calculations for wind turbines are the backdrop against which it collaborates with Danhydra A/S, which supplies tools and solutions to the wind industry all over the world. The company’s solutions are used for the installation and servicing of wind turbines.

Close dialogue
“Our close, stimulating collaboration with Danhydra started less than two years ago,” explains Claus Mølgaard Jensen, FRECON. We usually collaborate with Danhydra on structural load calculations, doing the lion’s share of the work back at the office, but always in close dialogue with the customer. This provides an excellent opportunity to get ongoing feedback from our (senior) resource staff, which can add new aspects to a project.

Expert resources
For instance, Danhydra has used resources from FRECON on several occasions when its own resources were limited.

“We experience every time how FRECON staff are equipped with high-calibre expertise which we can infuse directly into our own project teams,” explains Peter Kristoffersen, CDO, Danhydra. “They also are directly involved in project meetings and reviews with the end customer, providing us with valuable three-way collaboration.”

Picture kindly loaned from Danhydra’s website and is not an example of a collaboration result with FRECON. The picture is just for illustration.


Verification of pitch lock
FRECON’s first collaboration with Danhydra involved the further development and verification of a pitch-lock for a leading wind OEM. A pitch lock is a device used in various repair tasks in a turbine hub, which enables the blades to be locked in place during repair.

In this case, FRECON based its work on a design developed by Danhydra, which required structural verification. Additional iterations were needed before the structure was strong enough to be able to withstand the heavy loads that arise during gusting winds and put pressure on the lock design and hub attachment.

Today, the pitch lock has been put into production and operation at a leading wind OEM.

Unconventional thinking needed

The installation of turbine blades was the focus of another project which was carried out in close collaboration between Danhydra’s end customers and FRECON’s engineers. In this case, calculations were needed for a tool that is subjected to extremely heavy loads during blade installation. This project focused on a selection of cogwheel calculations as there was a need to think outside the box to enable them to handle the load and be used as intended at the same time.

Today, this tool is also being manufactured and in operation at an end customer of Danhydra.

Fast, high-quality and flexible support

Peter Kristoffersen is extremely satisfied with the collaboration with FRECON and praises the services they provide for being high quality, precise, self-explanatory and presentable.

“They’re always quick to support us in pressured situations and very flexible. This is valuable to us as we’re involved with customers in multiple time zones, and it enhances the collaboration with our customers.”