Thank you for our cooperation in 2018 – growth, expansions, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

Thank you for our cooperation in 2018 – growth, expansions, and computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

2018 has been a particularly eventful year in FRECON. It has been a year characterized by growth, extensions, CFD, and preparations for the next year’s growth. In short headings:

  • More new customers, new customer segments, and several extensions of existing collaborations
  • 10 new colleagues – “young as old”
  • Expansion of our competencies and software tools
  • Formalization and recognition of our qualifications
  • Professional resource to the board of directors
  • Opening of FRECON’s third office in Denmark
  • The Esbjerg department is a success to customers in the southern part of Denmark

The Esbjerg department is a success to customers in the southern part of Denmark

In autumn 2017, we opened a FRECON department in Esbjerg. Taking its beginning in spring 2018, our customers in the southern part of Denmark appreciate our local presence, as it provides them with extremely flexible cooperation opportunities. This increases the demand for FRECON competencies in the southern area, thus in April and November, we are expanding our consultancy team in Esbjerg.

Funen is great!

In April, we establish a department in Funen (Fyn). The office is located in the Business Park, TEP A/S in Tommerup, which is close to current and potential customers in the eastern part of Denmark. Here too, our local customers appreciate the local presence of our competencies. Therefore, we are quickly succeeding in establishing new customer relations, and hence we are recruiting even more FRECON consultants to our local team.

New professional member to the board of directors

April is busy in FRECON. In order to strengthen our strategic development and growth, a highly professional resource joins our board of directors. Peter Bager has 10 years of international experience from a VP/CEO level (e.g. TC Group International A/S), and since 2012, he has worked as a professional board member of 25 companies and been a chairman of 16 of these. In FRECON, we are extremely pleased with the cooperation that provides us with a breeding ground for innovation and business development.

Formalization of qualifications as a supplier within Utilities and Oil/Gas

At the beginning of the summer of 2018, we formalize our qualifications in FRECON by being registered in the supplier database of Achilles Utilities NCE (Northern and Central Europe) and Achilles JQS (Oil and Gas – Northern Europe). With this recognition of our qualifications as a supplier, our customers and potential customers are ensured of a high level of supplier quality and efficient project execution.


Photo: CFD simulation on wind turbine wings


CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), a new competence area is introduced

Throughout 2018, we expand our competencies and software tools, including Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). Briefly described, CFD is the calculation and simulation of flow in liquids and gas such as thermodynamics, aerodynamics, and hydrodynamics. In FRECON we use it for e.g. calculations on wind turbine blades, exhaust systems, thermal storage systems, ventilation systems, cooling systems, etc.. In 2019, we expect great growth in this exciting niche.

New customer projects, new customer segments, and 10 new colleagues

At a general level, 2018 brings a continuous progress in our customers and customer portfolio. New customers are welcomed, and many of our existing customer projects get extended in time or scope. Therefore, this year has offered a number of new hirings in FRECON. Overall, to meet demand,but also to reinforce our competencies in relation to our growth strategy, we employ 10 new colleagues to our departments in both Horsens, Tommerup, and Esbjerg.For this, we look for the right qualifications without looking into the age of the candidates. In FRECONwe are not the only ones with that recruitment strategy. Claus Moelgaard Jensens’ (Sales Director in FRECON) article “Don’t look at the certificate of baptism:A 60-year-old can also be excellent at SoMe”, becomes a very popular article in Jyllands-Posten and on LinkedIn and has resulted in a great positive response and debate.

Thank you for our cooperation in 2018. See you in 2019!

In FRECON we are humble about all the exciting customer projects, we have been invited in on this past year, and hence the confidence in our competencies you have shown. We greatly appreciate our close and constructive cooperation. Therefore, we would like to express our warmly thanks.

We wish all customers, business partners, friends of the house, and employees a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

See you in 2019.


Bo Birkemose & Claus Mølgaard Jensen