Positive response to innovative concepts from the wind power industry

Positive response to innovative concepts from the wind power industry

At FRECON, we cannot help but think outside the box. Employees are popping with new ideas for concepts that bring improvements or completely new angles on solutions for an industry or specific customer. The initiatives are very well received, among others in the wind power industry.

“How liberating that you bring something to us – completely unsolicited. We have heard this on several occasions over the past year,” says CEO Claus Mølgaard Jensen.

The reason is FRECON’s increased focus on concept development and innovation development processes, where you get the full benefit from employees’ popping abundance of ideas and extensive experiences. It brings many new opportunities into play. For instance, improvements or inventions that solve customer challenges and often improve competitiveness and have extra concern for the environment.

Innovation on behalf of wind power customers
What can we do with used wind turbine blades? This was an issue that FRECON’s Senior Solution Specialist Frederik Rytter decided to look into – not least for the sake of the environment.

“I have collaborated with customers in the industry for many years and have often heard about the challenge of getting rid of obsolete wind turbine blades,” says Frederik Rytter, who as one of FRECON’s technical nerds has a head full of good ideas on how to solve the current challenges of the industry:

”It got me thinking in the direction of floating foundations for wind turbines and the possibility of recycling fiberglass from scrapped blade materials for the pontoons that hold up the foundations. This enables the industry to control waste products, which they would otherwise have the difficulty getting rid of – and the price of the pontoons is reduced as well.”

Utilization of interdisciplinary industry experiences
Recycling wind turbine blades is a good example of the challenges that FRECON employees take up and find solutions to. It happens on own initiative and without anyone asking for it – but it most often brings great satisfaction when the solutions are presented to customers.

“The key to success can be found in many ways,” says Frederik Rytter. “It can be ideas or experiences from several industries that are transferred in a new context. It can be a technical method for development, which opens up new possibilities because we know the method in detail. It can also be investing in development to reduce material usage for a ‘cheap’ end product. It is often expensive to develop new solutions for even ‘cheap’ end products, which several customers may have a difficulty accepting. We do it if we believe that it provides improvements, is good for the environment or is simply good business.”

Towards more innovative concept development
The development of several new concepts, e.g. for the wind turbine industry, has been very well received in FRECON. It supports FRECON’s ambition to be known as an innovative concept house that challenges the industry with new technologies and approaches.

“With the concepts in hand, we now have completely new approaches to taking up the dialogue with many of our customers. We know their needs – sometimes better than they do themselves,” says Claus Mølgaard Jensen. “At the same time, the concept development supports and reinforces our own development process from consulting house to project house, which we are working on internally in FRECON. We see opportunities to patent some of our new concepts ourselves and are looking for new partnerships. In this way, we expand our business in new areas and the range of solutions we have for our customers.”