New CEO to ensure continuous development for FRECON A/S

New CEO to ensure continuous development for FRECON A/S

Press release

As of October the 1st, Ida Rasmussen took office as CEO for FRECON, located in Horsens, Esbjerg and Tommerup. She is set to ensure continuous growth and development of field specific knowledge.

FRECON welcomes Ida Rasmussen as Chief Executive Officer. She will fill the role as CEO after Claus Mølgaard Jensen, who led the company from 2019. Ida will ensure and support FRECON’s continuous development.


“I have the greatest respect for what my colleagues at FRECON has built in the last few years. I look forward to working with the company’s strong team of specialists. FRECON has evolved from a pioneer company – as it was when I worked there 14 years ago – to a bigger reputable company, with specialized knowledge covering all branches of mechanic design. It is impressive, and I look forward to supporting this continuous development.” CEO, Ida Rasmussen tells.

Solid experience

Ida is well known by FRECON, where she in the early days of the company worked as project- and personnel manager. This included the responsibility of forming a documentation team. This shows how integrated she is in FRECON.

She will now step in as CEO, after a long career of leading different engineering focused companies, which is now her main field. As of latest, she worked with strategic development, digitalization, and streamlining. She had responsibility over the big government construction projects under the Ministry of Transport.

“It is exciting to be at the other end of the table as the supplier. I am certain, that my experience with supplier cooperation can be used to support FRECON’s reputation, as a quality conscious and specialist supplier. Expert knowledge and quality in every delivery is the most important link in our business.” Ida says.

Strengthened strategic focus “Not the biggest, but the best”

The arrival of new CEO Ida is happening as a part of a bigger growth in FRECON.

“Ida brings valuable leadership experience from knowledgeable organizations and is used to lead in the business. As well as experienced leadership, Ida brings good personal values, which in combination with her professional profile, will strengthen FRECON and ensure quality and a healthy workspace.” Chairman of the board, Peter Bager, tells and adds “FRECON must continue as a healthy and good business with quality in delivery. It is not about being the biggest but being the best in our field.”

Ida Rasmussen is 50 years old and has in addition to the above, worked at Siemens and Vestas, with responsibility for transport and design of lifting equipment.