Michael is FRECON’s version of the Swiss Army knife

Michael is FRECON’s version of the Swiss Army knife

Lead Design Engineer Michael Schleth Pedersen has a unique combination of professional knowledge that fits well with FRECON’s customer portfolio. Along with his great desire to solve challenges, he is considered a valuable Swiss Army knife in FRECON’s engineering toolbox.

The wind power and food industry has over the years been the focal point of Michael’s work. From cooling technology and fluid mechanics over steel structures to lifting equipment. Michael’s competencies cover a wide range and are a perfect match for the many engineering tasks at FRECON.

Versatility strengthens Michael’s toolbox
Michael has already had several good months in the FRECON seat since his employment in February 2021. He sees it as a big plus that the work develops him as an engineer and at the same time provides good opportunities for him to contribute with his knowledge.

“It keeps me sharp that we have customers in different industries and sizes – for instance, both large wind turbine manufacturers and SMEs in our collaboration with the Danish Industry Foundation,” says Michael. “I thrive on versatility and being able to help create value for customers, FRECON and my own development as a skilled engineer.”

Knowledge sharing provides extra sharpness
Michael greatly appreciates the good cooperation with colleagues when challenging tasks are to be solved.

“I have many super talented colleagues here at FRECON, and everyone is interested in knowledge sharing and learning from each other. There are often valuable inputs across the table when we sit and discuss a solution,” says Michael. “It is very positive to experience that everyone has an interest in making each other better – and continuously learning new things. In this way, we keep strengthening our individual competencies and thus FRECON’s overall toolbox.”