FRECON persists – even when things go awry

FRECON persists – even when things go awry

It can cost time, money or even require the CEO to pull out the overalls, when FRECON wants to ensure the complete satisfaction of the customer – if for various reasons things do not go as planned. But FRECON wants to make that investment, as it is crucial that the customer has a satisfactory end result.

”Our customers must be 110% sure that we will never walk away from our responsibility or run out when things go wrong,” says CEO Claus Mølgaard Jensen from FRECON. “Naturally, mistakes will happen when people work together. It can happen both internally at FRECON or externally at the customer. But our customers can be absolutely sure that we do not elope or relinquish our responsibility. We stick around – even when something goes wrong.”

This is equally a fundamental element of FRECON’s vision and dream of “COOL FREEDOM” to be the first choice of both customers and employees. And that requires customers’ trust in FRECON.

Face the truth
An important part of this task is thus to face the truth and say it as it is, when something does not go as planned.

“We need to be ready to acknowledge and communicate quickly to the customer when things are not going as planned, or if we have made a mistake,” Claus Mølgaard Jensen elaborates. “This also applies the other way around when there is a mistake at the customer, or we find out together that they wanted something different than originally ordered. Here, we must quickly put into words what it takes to reach our goals, so that everyone is aware of new tasks, deadlines, etc.”

Investment and motivation
Claus Mølgaard is also fully aware that in the short run, it can be seen on the bottom line, if internal errors or situations where the customer really wants something outside the agreed framework of the project require extra consultancy hours from FRECON.

”In the long run, however, it is a good investment, as we find that customers are coming back. It also allows us to look in the mirror and hold onto our values and who we are. It is significantly more motivating for our employees to go to work with the belief that every effort has been made to help the customer – rather than running away or stubbornly sticking to the time allocated a project.

As a starting point, however, our projects are proceeding according to plan, as we have great experience in matching expectations with the customer before the beginning of each project. This usually avoids problems and extra time for a project.”