FRECON focusses on the green transition

FRECON focusses on the green transition

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At the engineering company FRECON it is a natural part of the strategy to support their customers businesses – also regarding sustainable technology and green transition. In order to do so FRECON seeks ‘green’ inspiration and strive to create innovative solutions.  

Key account manager Zita Videler recently returned to the FRECON headquarters in Horsens with new inspiration from a fact-finding tour focused on the green transition – arranged by the initiative Sustainable Industry Alliance (SIA) under the Danish Trade Council in California. In addition to the Danish partners in SIA alliance, eight representatives from the US Dairy Industry participated on Danish grounds. The fact-finding tour included site visits to e.g. Arla Foods, Thise Mejeri, Carlsberg and Royal Unibrew.


Photo: Zita Videler, Key Account Manager at FRECON

“It was really interesting to learn how these Danish food and beverage productions incorporate sustainable initiatives into their production” Zita explains and continues “I have had such valuable learnings, interesting dialogues, and I look forward to sharing this with my colleagues and our customers.”


Digital Twins can make a difference

During the trip FRECON also contributed with their knowledge regarding Digital Twins and how this technology can add to the development of sustainable solutions. A digital twin can give insight into everything ranging from water use reductions at a dairy to the optimization of wind turbines – and in many other complex products and solutions.

The Digital Twins can consist of a digital representation of e.g., a production paired with data from the same actual production. The technology makes it possible to detect breakdowns before they happen and, in many cases, they elongate the product lifetime as they monito the actual impact the products meet in real life, and not necessarily the one they are designed to endure. Additionally, the technology can be used to simulate and represent new products, hence increasing that prototypes are correct the first time they are made. This makes it possible to save resources as time and material, while also gaining a deeper knowledge regarding the design of the product.


New tools in the green toolbox

FRECON experiences an increased focus on sustainability from their customers and wishes to support them in this. As consultants FRECON stay updated on the newest knowledge to ensure that future industrial solutions are met with sustainable and innovative technologies, where material and resources are used efficiently.

“As a natural part of our work with the green transition, we seek inspiration and knowledge in order to continuously update the tools in our green toolbox. That is why it is valuable for us to participate in a fact-finding tour like this together with our alliance partners in SIA” explains CEO Claus Mølgaard Jensen from FRECON and continues:

FRECON focuses on the green transition

“We strive to make it easier and more transparent for our customers to make green and sustainable choices. It requires an effort on multiple areas e.g., in networks, with development of innovative solutions, and in teamwork with our customers. We look forward to continuing the development of green solutions with our customers.”