The year 2020 is starting out ambitiously with new knowledge on 3D scanning, advanced features in ANSYS and hygienic design for the food industry.

Once quarterly, the so-called FRECON evenings are held. Although the name indicates a focus on FRECON, these evenings also provide value to customers, as they support the goal of continuously learning and developing our engineering skills.

”Our FRECON evenings are about strengthening our professional competencies and building on top of the resumes of our skilled consultants,” explains Claus Mølgaard Jensen, CEO of FRECON. “Ultimately, it will benefit our customers that we invest one evening quarterly to gain new areas of expertise and thus ensure even better customer solutions in the future.”

This particular evening in January 2020 had several interesting highlights on the agenda that were meant to satisfy FRECON engineers’ appetite for new knowledge.

3D scanning, advanced ANSYS features and hygienic design for food processing

First man in the spotlight was Sales Director Carsten Haugaard from the company 3D-CT, who informed us on the many applications and benefits of using 3D scanning. Thus, the evening started off strong with inputs from one highly specialized engineering company to another.

Next, Lead Application Engineer Stephen Silvester from EDRMedeso shared his best tips for ANSYS Multiphysics Simulation. The presentation took place via a Skype connection to the UK, but this did not stop FRECON employees from asking curious questions about the use of some of ANSYS’ highly advanced modules. FRECON’s engineers use ANSYS on a daily basis for calculation tasks for customers and are constantly seeking to expand their competencies in the program.

Next on the agenda was Technical Advisor Erik-Ole Jensen from Damstahl, who is an expert in optimizing hygienic design for food processing. Erik Ole Jensen enlightened FRECON engineers with the notion that it is often the simple design that makes the best solution – especially when it comes to adhering to high standards in the food industry for optimal cleaning of production equipment. A viewpoint that FRECON can recognize in our common belief that the simple mechanical solution is often the good solution.

The last speaker, FRECON’s own Senior Design Engineer, Sonny Dam, was a relevant ending to the FRECON evening. He involved FRECON colleagues in the design of a so-called scrubber, also known as a flue-gas cleaner, in this case to remove odors from food production to the surrounding environment. The project is still under preparation and therefore, the details must remain confidential until the finished product is ready.

FRECON evenings strengthen the professional and social unity

In total, the FRECON evening must be determined as yet another success with virtually all FRECON employees participating.

”It shows that there is great support for our internal development of competencies, which is to ensure that we stay ahead in our consultancy work and customer solutions. Our consultants even provide inputs for possible external speakers, but we often use the same opportunity to gain insights into current projects. We can learn a great deal from an evening like this, where we exchange knowledge across employees.”
Niels Bendixen, Project Director at FRECON

CEO at FRECON, Claus Mølgaard Jensen, agrees and looks forward to upcoming FRECON evenings in 2020:

”In keeping with the FRECON Dream, we continue to host evenings like these, where we support our ambition to be the first choice among customers and employees. It requires continuous learning and development as well as a strong team spirit. Besides new professional inputs, we get to strengthen the social unity of FRECON, as there is always room for an informal chat with colleagues along with delicious food between the presentations.”

FRECON “after dark” in January 2020.