Clonk! Donk! Clink! And Anders have built a car!

Clonk! Donk! Clink! And Anders have built a car!

Clonk! Donk! Clink! And let me just screw this thing on. There you go – a DIY racecar!                                                        Meet FRECONS new Automotive Engineer, Formel 1 fan and Handyman.


FRECON welcomes Anders Fanøe Kjærgaard Nielsen!


Anders is a solution-oriented solid guy with a thing for Formula 1 and cars in general. He is a BEng Automotive Engineer from Birmingham City University, has experience from the ventilation industry and has been sub-chairman at Smukfest for more than 6 years.


Excellent craftmanship

But that is not all there is to Anders. Should we find ourselves in any DIY-pickle, Anders is the go-to handyman of our dreams. We mean – how many people know a guy, who has built a racecar from scratch AND has raced in it on Silverstone GP? Well done, Anders! This says a lot about the quality of his DIY-work. His desire to DIY also contributes to his love of music with a homemade ultrasonic tub for cleaning vinyl records, homemade acoustic panels and so much, much, much more.

This craving for developing and designing things characterizes Anders. “Ever since I was a child, I have taken things apart to investigate how they function. That way I could improve them and put them back together.” He explains. This inspired him to get closer to the automotive industry by studying in the UK. He wanted to know more about what happens under the surface. “The greatest thing about being an engineer is to contribute to finding the smartest solution. In the automotive industry this is cultivated a lot by designing elements to be functional for several purposes.”


Keep It Simple, Stupid

Doing things smart is what Anders is all about. So much actually, that he works by the principle of KISS. “It is not the band, even though it is great too, but stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid”. And this is the essence of Anders. A straightforward, down to earth kind of guy with smart, simple solutions for complex problems.


At FRECON Anders is already constructing away, and we know him as a very pleasant and modest person with a ton of ideas. His stack of car analogies continues to enrich the office and his work. In that way he is already like an efficient ESP-system who ensures we stay on track with good ideas and smart solutions. Welcome Anders!