Age no issue in FRECON engineer recruitment

Age no issue in FRECON engineer recruitment

Talent is ageless at FRECON – you can never be too young or too old for job roles. It’s more about having the right personality and professional skills, with the drive to match, as our two new starters, 25-year-old Johan and 62-year-old Jes, prove.

Design Engineer Johan Hardt Løbner qualified as an engineer in the summer and is an FEM and CFD specialist. He is very quick to learn anything new and has a real enthusiasm for anything related to calculations and 3D printing. Senior Design Engineer Jes Jacobsgaard’s previous work background, meanwhile, includes working as a machine operator and machine technician, as well as experience running his own consultancy business. With such a solid professional background, in principle he has the skills to produce all of the items he constructs himself.

Amazing armour of tools and skills
“Jes and Johan are two good examples of the broad variety of strengths that come into play when age is not a relevant factor. They are both enthusiastic about their work, show flexibility and bring their own particular expertise to their roles,” CEO Claus Mølgaard Jensen tells us. “When I look at our team of expert staff as a whole, I see all ages and an amazing armour of tools and skills. We are in a position to put together many strong and different teams, who are able to resolve the individual issues facing each customer.”

Development and teamwork important to Johan

Twenty-five-year-old Johan, who originates from the south west of Jutland, relishes his current professional development opportunities. For higher education, Johan moved to Aarhus, where he briefly studied physics, before switching to a mechanical engineering degree course. He welcomes opportunities to learn something new and improve skills relevant to his work. As such, he enjoys the opportunities he gets at FRECON to partake in teamwork and professional discussion with colleagues of all ages and with a wide range of different skills. He is also a real 3D printer ‘nerd’ outside of work, but not to print as such – more to get to know more about the technology as a whole. He can also incorporate any knowledge he gains into his work at FRECON.

Life-long learning the perfect fit for Jes

With a background as a smith, machine operator, machine technician and consultant (employed and self-employed), 62-year-old Jes brings a very broad range of experience to FRECON. “The broad age range among our team works really well. We get to learn from each other and take pleasure from it. The consultant role is also a good fit for me. I enjoy going out to different customers and working with them,” Jes says, before adding:
“I have experienced a bit of age discrimination seeking employment as a 62-year-old. When I was applying for jobs, I never heard anything from the places I applied to – until I applied to FRECON, that is. I never experienced anything like that looking for a new job when I was younger.”