Laaaaadies aaaaaand gentlemen!

Laaaaadies aaaaaand gentlemen!

”Laaaaadies aaaaaand gentlemen!”

Have you ever performed on a stage staring directly at the audience while performing stand-up comedy? We didn’t think so either. But guess what – our new intern, entertainer and soon-to-be engineer has done just that.


FRECON welcomes Christoffer Wibroe Leth to out team!


Christoffer is a funny and welcoming guy, who is passionate about the green transition, charity, and outer space. He is currently approaching a degree as a mechanical engineer and he has an abundance of (good) stories to tell. Like that one time he put his name on a stratosphere balloon he sent to cycle in space, or that one time he wanted to build electrical rollerblades.


But that is not all there is to Christoffer. He is a cornucopia of ideas and “weird” interest. First of all he volunteers at everything from Danmission (recycling) to the local bouldering club. He praises recycling, costume parties and cheerful events in general. He has a collection of carefully chosen ceramic cups, he used to perform at theaters, and he is a passionate music lover. Oh, he also performed stand-up shows, has been an extra in a couple of commercials, he studied astrophysics and has seen a rocket launch in USA. Pretty cool!


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Peculiar as Christoffer is, he lives by his own little motto: “Life is not all about getting the point but about getting something”. He explains:


“There are so many people who has been generous to me, and I really want to give back into the pile of good karma. Doing so you have to be sincere while you give, if you wish to get something sincere in return. If you can’t be honest and sincere, you can’t get good things in return”.


This motto defines Christoffer’s passion for engineering. He takes great pride in creating concept that are meaningful to the recipient. And the trickier the challenge the better, as he enjoys putting his brain to work searching for creative solutions that are helpful and beneficial to others.


“I prefer when a topic needs to be looked at from various angles. You know – just because a thing used to be designed horizontal doesn’t mean it cannot be designed vertical. Or rotated 180 degrees.”


At FRECON Christoffer is already getting noticed as a skilled intern. We have come to know him as a funny and curious guy with the heart in the right place.

We are certain it will keep being a pleasure to work with him.

Welcome Christoffer!