Brrrruuuum! An engine enthusiast and tire kicking champ

Brrrruuuum! An engine enthusiast and tire kicking champ

We have a new engine enthusiast and tire kicking champ on board and the skills are solid

FRECON welcomes Anders Thomsen to our team

Anders is a calm guy from Varde who enjoys investigating everything mechanical. He holds a degree in a mechanical engineering and has experience as a truck mechanic –in other words: he knows what there is to know about engines and vehicles.

And that is Anders in a nutshell. He is simply unstoppable when is comes to mechanics. As long as he can remember he has been taking mechanical components apart and putting them back together – just to get an idea of how they work. It applies for everything from VCRs to lawnmovers.

Classic cars and Formula 1
His passion for mechanics is expressed in all parts of his life. On Mondays he takes his classic vintage car – a Golf Cabriolet from 1981 – to a classic car meetup in Varde. With other enthusiasts, he kicks tires and enjoys the aesthetics of the classic cars.

Private foto

And if that is not enough, Anders watches Formula 1. Not from the sofa, but from the spectator rows overlooking the race and has gone on several trips to enjoy the sounds and smells of the fast cars – including Dubai, Malaysia and Italy.

An eager practitioner
His enthusiasm for mechanics and eagerness to know how it all works characterizes Anders’ work. He enjoys improving existing concepts and developing new ones. He likes to see his own creations turn into reality, and test if they work the way he intended. This was also the case when he for five years in Norway developed equipment for offshore drilling rigs.

At FRECON Anders is already constructing away and we know him to be a cheerful and focused colleague, who likes talking about engines over a cup of coffee.
We are certain it will continue to be a pleasure working with him.
Welcome Anders!