Yeehaaaaa! A new challenge I have never seen before.

Yeehaaaaa! A new challenge I have never seen before.

Yeehaaaaa! A new challenge I have never seen before. Surely I will figure it out!

– That’s the inner voice of our new mechanical engineer, optimist, and focused troubleshooter.


FRECON welcomes Marcus Binder Nilsen to our team!


Marcus is an optimistic, curious, and go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering focused on mechanics, reinforcement and machine learning.


But that is not all there is to Marcus. He sees opportunities where others see limitations and approaches every challenge with a huge drive. And when he sets his mind to something, he will surely find a way – most likely with inspiration from YouTube. His home build couch is a living proof of turning ideas into reality and his next project is building a canoe who he plans to use sailing the entire Gudenå. Pretty cool Marcus!


Photo: private

All in all, Marcus is a focused, spunky guy who enjoys taking on homemade projects and goals. Like that one time when he decided to read more and googled “Classic literature”. He ended up reading “Ved Vejen” (As Trains Pass By) by Herman Bang and 100 pages of Kafkas “The Trial” before he decided to take on more modern pieces. He has also developed a passion for big rocks and drags his friends along for sightseeing aka rock-spotting whenever he gets the change.


His curiosity, determination, and eagerness to grow also reflects onto Marcus’ work. He approaches every project with a strong eagerness to find the best solutions – and is certain he will find a way.


“The best thing about engineering is creating solutions that help others reach their goals. It requires dedicated focus and hard work. It’s also a great way for me to grown and continuously learn new skills.”

At FRECON Marcus is already calculating away with CFD-simulations. We have come to know him as a social fellow with a calm overview and an eagerness to share knowledge and collaborate with colleagues.

We are certain it will continue to be a pleasure to work with him.

Welcome Marcus!