Engineering company FRECON is established in Russia - FRECON A/S - Mechanical Constructions FRECON A/S - Mechanical Constructions

FRECON considers Russian market as a very potential with long perspectives for development and possibility to access engineering resources. Now it is time to take the next step.

During the last 20 years, FRECON has developed strong skills in mechanical design, construction and calculation, mainly focusing on solutions for the Wind and Food Industry. Nowadays, we cooperate with the leading manufacturers throughout most of the Europe. Several European countries see great potential in the Russian market.


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Start-up in Moscow
In January 2018, FRECON has opened office in Moscow with the sales representatives of the company. "We have collaborated with a major Russian engineering company during a long period of time," says Bo Birkemose CEO of FRECON. "Now we have formalized our cooperation and, therefore, our establishment at the Russian market.

Up-and-coming Russian market
There are many reasons why Russia is very interesting for FRECON. "We are in contact with several potential customers in Russia," says Bo Birkemose. "At the same time, most of our current customers consider the possibility of expanding to Russian market. They can see advantages out if it. In addition, it is an opportunity to access competent engineering resources, especially now, when there is a lack of highly qualified resources in Denmark."

Wind Industry is highly developing in Russia
Initially, FRECON looks primarily at the Wind Industry in Russia, where a high potential of growth is expected. In this field, company can apply its big experience and strong competencies both in construction of many elements for a wind turbine and as a supplier of technology concepts. This is exactly what Russian customers demand. There are also several other industries where FRECON works on today, which also has a potential in Russia.

More resources
"Simultaneously, our experience shows that Russian engineers are very competent, and it fits to our Danish resources in many areas," says Bo Birkemose. "Therefore, we consider certain tasks as an opportunity for outsourcing to our Russian business partners, thus to expand the list of our services and resources for the customers."

Exciting future
FRECON has many expectations and hopes for development in the Russian market. "There are a lot of opportunities," says Bo Birkemose. "But it also very much depends on how political winds blow. We hope that it will be the same direction with us all the way."