Optimize smarter using CFD!

Optimize smarter using CFD!

CFD is your shortcut to insightful knowledge regarding production and product development.
The benefits of CFD are many and we would like to present a few.

CFD is superpower!

Meet FRECON’s new superhero Clark F. Dent who fights arch-enemy Flex Fluitor and the bad flow. With his X-ray vision and his CFD superpowers Clark identifies and optimizes productions that have been hit by Flex Fluitors ´Bad-flow-cannon’. Watch our new cartoon and experience how Flex has been messing up and how Clark saves the day with his CFD superpowers!


Just like Clark F. Dent, the talented engineers at FRECON are heroes of everyday life. Our light bulb headed engineers are experts in CFD-simulations and save the day for our customers by reducing heat loss or by optimizing energy consumption – to name a few. They think outside the box and identify how to make a fluids flow better.


View the cartoon version here: Clark. F. Dent Saves the day with CFD

CFD benefits

CFD is your shortcut to insightful knowledge regarding production and product development.

The benefits of CFD simulations and virtual tests are many and here are a few:

  1. Reduce number of iterations in product development
  2. Increase insights into production and components
  3. Optimize designs effectively
  4. Save money on physical test-setups
  5. Reduce CO2 emission and energy consumption


What is CFD?

In short, CFD calculations and simulations (Computational Fluid Dynamics) are virtual tests which can be used to analyze fluids such as gas and liquids. The virtual tests simulate e.g. aerodynamics, heat transmission and flows. They are valuable for creating a better understanding of use, functionality, and design.

The textbook version explains it well: “Computational Fluid Dynamics or CFD is the analysis of systems involving fluid flow, heat transfer and associated phenomena such as chemical reactions by means of computer-based simulation.” (An introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics, Versteeg & Malalasekera, 1995: 1).

At FRECON, we are experienced in helping our customers achieve additional insights into own products through CFD calculations and we would be glad to contribute to yours too.

Read more about CFD.


Why is CFD interesting?

Imagine a company which supplies to the food industry. The requirements are high in terms of certifications and cleanability. This applies to e.g. liquid flows or temperature sensitive processes. With CFD simulations, it is possible to supplement physical tests with virtual ones and gain insights that would otherwise not be possible.

In the case material presented below, it is presented how we have helped companies achieve results using CFD. Including the company Hydract which received interesting results after just 50 hours.

CFD cases (Computational Fluid Dynamics)


Hydract optimized the flow

Hydract supports the food and beverage industry in achieving ambitious energy reduction goals. They used CFD competencies from FRECON in an analysis of the cleanability of their water hydraulic valve design with the purpose of achieving the optimum cleanability in their designs.


Aasted achieved additional insight into thermodynamics

Aasted have more than 100 years of experience developing, producing and commissioning food plants. They aimed for complementary knowledge of their physical test environments using virtual CFD-tests provided by FRECON. With CFD tests, they achieved an expanded knowledge of the thermal flows inside their tunnel convection ovens.

Keofitt focused on the flow conditions

Keofitt is the only company in the world that exclusively produces sterile sampling valves and they have more than 40 years of experience in doing so. They wanted to document and optimize the flow conditions in their sampling valves. FRECON helped during that process to visualize and calculate the flow conditions in the sample drawing valve.

Read more: FRECONs CFD capabilities has set new development ideas in motion at Keofitt

CFD Whitepaper

You can receive more information about CFD in our CFD whitepaper, which you can get for free in the link below. The Whitepaper demonstrates a simulation of a wind turbine and presents valuable knowledge on CFD and how it can be used to optimize flows involving gas and liquids, such as aerodynamics.

Read more: White Paper: Simulation of wind turbine rotor with computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

What does CFD calculations cost?

If you choose FRECON as your CFD specialist, you will get an entire team of enthusiastic engineers with a lot of experience. We can deliver valuable CFD calculations for as little as 50-100 hours – depending on the scope of the project. In our experience, customers reduce a great deal of time spent on development while also achieving products ready for certification.

Ida Rasmussen

Are you curious about CFD?

If you are curious about CFD and how we can supplement your knowledge, you are welcome to contact us.
Ida Rasmussen