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Subject: Design and Construction of Hub cover including steel structure

Content of assignment: 3D design, optimizing of Sandwich-structured composite, 2D documentation, bills of materials, analytical strength calculations, FEA, risk assessment, DFMEA, manual, test, prototype production.

In brief: The client wanted a 3d model of a complete nacelle and hub covers including prototypes. The main focus was on minimizing the number of molds needed for production; to keep the cost at a minimum. We focused on the Sandwich-structured composite to ensure that the cover was able to withstand wind and snow loads. This also made it possible to manufacture a thin and light cover without losing strength in the design.

Furthermore the client wanted a complete steel structure for the cover. The steel structure contained 4 subsections – Generator, Nacelle, Spinner, and Cooling. The main focus was on making the assembling of the steel structure more simple to avoid errors on the connections and on the weld-ups.

Both the Sandwich-structured composite and the steel structure were calculated and reported using FEA to ensure the optimum solution.