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Konstruktion af følgetransferværktøj til fremstilling af komponenter til bilsæde

Subject: Construction of a transfer tool for producing components for a car seat.

The assignment contents: idea generation, subject maturation, 3D design, simulation features, strength calculations, 2D documentation

In brief:
A Transfer tool was designed and built. The first stations in the tool is where the form is punched clear of the coil, the rest of the stations operate as a transfer tool which pulls the subject up, calibrate, clean cut, and in the last stations punch holes.

Many of these clean cuts and closing operations on the finished item is driven by wedge-stations. The tool has 14 stations and a dimension of approx. 1.2x1m, 2x4m, 5m (WxHxD) and weighing around 16ton.

The process time for this tool was 25 items / min.

The following types of tools are part of our competence:

  • Simple punching dies
  • Block punching dies
  • Bending tools
  • Stretch Bending tools
  • Drawing dies
  • Deep draw tools
  • Follow-on tools
  • Transfer tools