Process equipment – Food - FRECON A/S - Mechanical Constructions FRECON A/S - Mechanical Constructions
Pasteurization machine
A fully automated canned fish washing line
Conveyors, belts, buffers, transportation units
Mixing unit for sorting fishes before processing
Blanching line
Destoning unit for vegetables

FRECON A/S provides design and calculation with a full package of documentation for production to manufacturers of process equipment in the food industry - for example Cabinplant A/S. Together with their core competencies in each segment, FRECON A/S corporate as a partner in close dialogue with the develop department.

Together with the customer we do conceptual development on the given task, and subsequently FRECON A/S carries the Design, Construction, Documentation and any necessary calculations.

FRECON A/S has delivered a number of projects such as chiller, washing plants for vegetables, pasteurization / blanching equipment, conveyors and platforms to other processing plants.

FRECON A/S cooperate with manufacturers to ensure the best possible efficiency and synergy between the productive documentation package and the finished product.

See more details about the individual products from Cabinplant on their website.