FRECON sets a high bar – “It has to be just right”

FRECON sets a high bar – “It has to be just right”

FRECON holds 20 years of anniversary this year, and for this occasion we have met Frederik Rytter and Leif Christoffersen for a portrait. In the meeting we immediately feel the good chemistry, the high spirit, the friendly teasing, and an incredible big competition mindset with a high professional level of expertise.

All of these aspects have been of great importance to FRECON throughout the company’s 20-year history and characterise the company’s culture and ethos. They are part of what attracts highly qualified employees and customers to FRECON.

Doing a good job and keeping the customers satisfied motivate the employees – but there is always time for a joke and a good laugh.

A focus on results
The focus on results is what drives the two owners, the management and all the company’s employees. “We love this focus on results: a perfect calculation, a bright idea from a colleague, the final touch that makes all the difference or the dynamics created by good collaboration,” says Frederik. “It’s often a sensory experience, and our customers notice it and see the results of our unique skills.”


Photo: Leif Christoffersen, Partner & Senior Solution Specialist (left) and Frederik Rytter, Partner & Senior Solution Specialist (right)  in FRECON A/S


It is important to ‘read’ the customers correctly
This places special demands on FRECON’s staff. They must have the necessary intellect, enjoy collaborating and learning new skills and be driven to do a good job.

“At FRECON we don’t rush things. We think things through and work carefully and consistently – of course with room for bright ideas. We have to be able to ‘read’ our customers and understand what they need and want,” says Leif. “We set the bar high, and for us quality is the be-all and end-all. Our many years in the industry have taught us that. Our high level of professionalism is partly due to the fact that both Frederik and I started off as skilled tradesmen and therefore know that the items we design can be produced and used in practice.”

Better together
Frederik established the company as a one-man business in 1999, and Leif became a joint owner in 2006. At that stage the two owners had known each other for many years and had just the right combination of skills, in addition to being ambitious and focused on quality. For several years Leif’s apartment was their ‘head office’.

Throughout the years, they have learned from each other by challenging each other and working together, something that has greatly benefited their customers. “It’s still an important part of our culture that everyone in the company must be prepared to learn and share knowledge,” says Frederik. “Therefore, when we need to exchange ideas, we are often four people around the table. This is an important part of the ongoing development of both staff and company, and something our customers really appreciate.”

Ready for the future
Both owners are driven by a high level of professionalism in their day-to-day work and by their close collaboration with both colleagues and customers. To this should be added a considerable focus on seeing FRECON develop in a positive and valuable direction. “A couple of years ago we therefore decided to expand the company’s professional skills base,” says Frederik. “We did this by employing Bo Birkemose as our new CEO, Claus Mølgaard Jensen as Sales Director and lately Niels Bendixen as Project Director. We also added more professional people to our Board of Directors. We are well prepared for future growth not just at an organisational level but also on account of our special culture and the values that have driven FRECON for the last 20 years and still take pride of place.”