FRECON places a pin on the global map

FRECON places a pin on the global map

Press release

FRECON is visiting California as a part of the Sustainable Industry Alliance (SIA). Michael Elefsen, FRECONs head of sales- and marketing, will be touring the Californian food industry and present Danish sustainable solutions along with the other partners in the alliance.


Global focus

FRECON flew from Jutland to California with a Danish delegation under the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Delegation, known as SIA, will be visiting several Californian dairies in the upcoming week.

It is exciting that we, as a local engineering company, have the opportunity to present Danish Engineering skills globally, and draw attention to solutions that offer to contribute to California’s ambitious climate goals” Michael Elefsen explains.

The state of California has the ambitious climate goal to reduce CO2-emissions by 40% in 2030 (benchmark 1990).


A little piece in a puzzle of big actors

As a SME FRECON is playing a small, but interesting role in the SIA alliance, which also holds partners such as Grundfos, GEA and Rambøll.

”We are very humble and proud to deliver into the alliance. We are just a group of nerdy engineers from Horsens, who construct and calculate. At the same time our small size might be an advantage, when it comes to thinking outside the box – in small as well as big correlations,” says Michael Elefsen.

Workshop with SIA at FRECON


FRECON found a place as integrator and facilitator while hosting a workshop, where the objective of the alliance partners was to collaborate and develop solutions for the American food industry. The results were processed by FRECON’s engineers and presented in a case catalog that now will be touring Californian dairies.

”We believe that a Danish alliance can contribute to the American dairy industry. We are presenting a unique and strong case catalog, with solutions targeting the Californian food industry and this week will indicate what type of orders the alliance can expect to deliver,” says Michael Elefsen.


Climate goals and sustainable alliances

At FRECON, the involvement in SIA alliance is a part of the company’s strategic focus on the UN Global Goals “Valuable partnerships for sustainable development and action”, which focuses on achieving sustainable goals in alliance-based partnerships. At FRECON this focus was also applicated as a part of the strategy, when FRECON during the covid-lockdown collaborated with the Danish Industry Foundation in a project called genstartNU. FRECON helped around 100 companies optimizing production lines or designs, resulting in energy usage reductions and reduced CO2 emission.

Only time will tell what the future holds for the engineering company, but one thing is certain – a pin has been placed on the global map.