FRECON creates a break in the clouds for 2021

FRECON creates a break in the clouds for 2021

2020 was an involuntary break on an exciting journey at FRECON. Several positive trends now let us believe that we are on our way back on track from before Covid-19 and can move forward with an ambitious strategy and a number of new initiatives.

“The spring of 2020 was quite frankly no good for us, as for many others in the time after the first lockdowns,” says CEO Claus Mølgaard Jensen. “However, we quickly set out to utilize our innovative resources to see other opportunities by for instance addressing new segments, going alternative ways commercially and developing our own concepts. It is a natural part of our culture and the dream of Cool Freedom, which is our vision. This also applies to economic freedom. As a well-consolidated company, we have the muscles to withstand a decline in activities.”

Taking joint responsibility
The FRECON vision is about the freedom to act and decide on one’s own. FRECON wants to be the first choice among customers and employees because we deliver the most innovative and cool products as well as services on the market.

“Our employees are by nature very self-motivated, innovative and autonomous, but at the same time possess the strongest team spirit. This means that we take responsibility together – even when things turn out differently than expected,” says Claus Mølgaard Jensen.

Going alternative ways

The changed market conditions additionally led to considering many alternative and innovative ideas at FRECON. Among others, it was decided that all employees should take part in the commercial development of the business in order to ensure continued progress – and a good use of all resources.

This turned out to be a really good decision, which will continue to be part of the strategy onwards.

“That commercial way of thinking is really valuable and has among others given us new, exciting projects through ‘GenstartNU’ in collaboration with The Danish Industry Foundation and opened up for collaborating with many new customers in the SME segment. We see interesting opportunities in being able to make a valuable contribution to the SME segment in the future,” says Claus Mølgaard Jensen.

“But many smaller tasks suggest great demands for efficiency. This means ‘fast entrance – deliver value – and fast exit’. Something special happens when technicians talk to technicians. New opportunities arise when our engineers are given full responsibility for working with their own customers. It’s a win-win for both customers and FRECON that we are able to adapt to new segments.”

FRECON sees positive trends for 2021 after an involuntary break in their growth adventure in 2020.

Sunrays over FRECON in Horsens.

Customers enjoy value-creating concepts

For other FRECON employees, concept development or the preparation of professional articles acts as their contribution to boosting the commercial development.

“We are currently developing our own (and patented) concepts e.g. for the wind turbine industry. Our creative minds are constantly seeing new possibilities by gathering inputs from different angles and combining our knowledge with quirky thinking. It offers some very special concept ideas that include the best of all worlds. The concepts have been very well received so far when we present them to our customers. They greatly appreciate that we bring unsolicited, valuable ideas to them. This forms the basis for completely different dialogues and helps to further develop us as an engineering and knowledge house,” says Claus Mølgaard Jensen.

Focus turned towards more project executions

An open approach to the strategic initiatives is to bring FRECON safely through a stormy period and subsequently support a continued development of the business by thinking a little differently than the rest of the industry. During this process, the overall, strategic goal is to strengthen the ability to execute projects and support the development into a project house.

“We know that there are many valuable opportunities in offering that approach to our customers. They want partners who take full responsibility for both projects and smaller work packages. We know how to do that in FRECON. Our employees have a wide range of strong competencies and are motivated by the responsibility, greater insight into nuances and management of projects from beginning until end,” says Claus Mølgaard Jensen.

On our way back on track

Claus Mølgaard Jensen sees many positive trends, which strengthen the belief that FRECON is on its way back on the growth track from 2019. In this context, networking and collaboration are also included as a new important part of the company’s efforts.

“We are engaging in new, exciting networks, including SIA (Sustainable Industry Alliance), which provides other opportunities to bring our competencies into play – and not least to get new inputs and contacts, which can be valuable in the continued development of both our customers and FRECON. We are generally optimistic about the future and are starting to notice that our core customers e.g. in the wind turbine and food industry are once again ready to take in our consultants on development tasks, which is an extremely positive sign.”