Whuuuuiiish! Have you ever wondered how much flow you are surrounded by?

Whuuuuiiish! Have you ever wondered how much flow you are surrounded by?

Whuuuuiiish! Have you ever wondered how much flow you are surrounded by?

Niels definitely has!


FRECON welcomes Niels Skak Bossen to our team!


Good flows!

Niels is a curious and passionate nerd, with a thirst for “good vibrations and flows”. He is our new civil engineer, experimenter, and enthusiast – and knows all there is to know about movements of wind and liquids.

And that is Niels in a nutshell. Fluid mechanics (CFD) is his darling and he is a true specialist of good flows. In fact, he spent his years at university theorizing and observing aerodynamics and wave dynamics – and when time came to close the books Niels went to the airport to observe if the aerodynamics of the planes acted as expected according to the computer simulations.

This knowledge was important for Niels when he gave lectures about fluid mechanics at the university, helped younger students learn the complicated math, and for his contribution in the academic council he participated in.

Fluid mechanics is so cool because it links the abstract with the concrete. With computer simulations you can predict how something abstract acts, and then you can compare it to real life events.”

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As Niels no longer lives close to the airport, he has found another way to bring his passion for fluid dynamics into his everyday life. It appears that his house could use a bit of CFD optimization to minimize the wind at the rooftop terrace, to get a better distribution of temperature indoors, and the barbeque grill has met its match when Niels stubbornly aims to develop the most optimal smoke. “The right smoke ads the best flavor” as he explains.

And this passion for researching and learning characterizes Niels. When he speaks of fluid mechanics it is almost impossible not to get carried away by his enthusiastic performance. He can

spend hours explaining how the programming of CFD software works, how the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge ignited a ”wave” of CFD research, or how the aerodynamics works at the tip of a wing.


At FRECON Niels is already calculating and simulating away. We know him as a friendly, welcoming, and sympathetic colleague, who enjoys sharing his passion for CFD. We are certain it will continue to be a pleasure working with him.

Welcome Niels!