Peter Jacobi, Lead Design Engineer, FRECON (Esbjerg)

Peter Jacobi, Lead Design Engineer, FRECON (Esbjerg)

'As a consultant with FRECON, I get the best of several worlds.'

Lead Design Engineer Peter Jacobi is a member of FRECON’s team in Esbjerg. He works on exciting construction projects as a consultant, both at customers’ premises and at the office, but always in close collaboration with both customers and his colleagues in Esbjerg, Horsens and Tommerup.

Peter Jacobi had a background as a shipfitter (smith’s work and machine shop work) for more than 25 years when in 2009, he started his engineering degree at Aalborg University’s department in Esbjerg. Already as a shipfitter, Peter dabbled in 2D construction work, which sparked his interest in continuing along that path.

Preconceived opinion, core competency and variety
Peter graduated as an engineer in 2014 and after several years in the industry, he was excited to get the opportunity to join FRECON as a consultant and thereby an environment with core competency within his specialism: construction.

However, Peter did have a preconceived opinion that life as a consultant could be very tough and with far too much travelling – but he was proved wrong!

I feel very comfortable both when I am working at a customer’s premises and become a member of that team and when I work at the office in close collaboration with my colleagues. It adds variety to my life at work and gives me the opportunity to bounce ideas off my highly skilled colleagues from many different branches of the field of mechanical engineering. I learn a great deal from my colleagues at FRECON, and I had no such opportunity where I worked before. Now, I am therefore getting the best of several worlds.
Peter Jacobi
Lead Design Engineer, FRECON

Can it be done?
Peter benefits greatly from his background as a ship’s fitter in his day-to-day life at work. ‘My experience often enables me to see what can be done with a construction from a purely practical point of view,’ Peter explains and he continues, ‘For example, I check whether it is possible to get your hand in to weld in the places where it is required. I also share my experience with my colleagues, whose backgrounds may be different from mine. In this way, we can all learn from each other – and we are happy to do it. We are also good at “sharing a screen” with colleagues, both in our own and the other FRECON departments, and this is how we collaborate on lots of things on a day-to-day basis for the benefit of our customers.’

Transport equipment for the wind turbine industry
At the moment, Peter is working primarily with his colleagues Majbritt and Jens at the office in Esbjerg. ‘I am working on a construction project for transport equipment on behalf of a customer in the wind turbine industry. On this project, I am also collaborating closely with Jens-Jørgen, who is working in Horsens. He makes regular calculations on my constructions in order to make sure that they are strong enough and live up to the customer’s very specific demands,’ says Peter.

FRECON takes good care of its employees.
FRECON prioritises both professional collaboration among colleagues and a good working environment for its employees. It is therefore also usual practice that all employees work at the office on Fridays. ‘If you are working at a customer’s premises for a prolonged period of time, it is a really good opportunity to get together with your colleagues on a Friday, bounce ideas off each other and catch up on the gossip,’ says Peter and he continues, ‘It is good for our sense of community – and for our development of the most value-generating solutions for our customers.’
FRECON takes good care of its employees.
Niels Bendixen

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