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About FRECON & Contact Information

FRECON is a 20 years old engineering house within innovative mechanical design. We deliver constructions going from large and complex industry equipment to small mechanical tools and components. We develop or optimize your new or existing products and can deliver prototypes if required.

We always strive to give you solutions you can benefit from in large parts of your value chain.


Our services:


Combine your ideas with our experience and high professionalism and get mechanical concepts that works.


Get efficient and cost optimized mechanical constructions. In FRECON the simple solution is the good solution!


FEM, FEA & CFD – simulation and digital prototypes gives you cost benefits and faster time-to-market.


Get in control of all your technical documentation for training, verification, regulatory inspection, and/or your CE label.



Our main business areas:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Food Processing
  • Medico
  • Metal & Machine Industry
  • Offshore/Marine/Oil & Gas.

However, we have experience from even more industries. Thus we are very good in knowledge transfer, and combining this with our great experience and high professionalism within mechanical constructions, you will get solutions that meet your requirements.


What you will experience:

When cooperating with us, we will challenge your new or existing solutions, and we will approach your projects with an innovative mindset, a great professionalism, flexibility, and passion.


30% reduction in material weight and efficient mouldings have contributed significantly in making our basic design a succes and in ensuring that the cooperation with FRECON resulted in a significant reduction in our ’total cost of ownership’.
Uffe Lykke Eriksen
Turbine Chief Engineer, Envision Energy
Claus Mølgaard Jensen

Can we help you?

If you need any more information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales Director.
Claus Mølgaard Jensen