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As a natural part of larger projects FRECON A/S offers to completely manage the project. We will follow your project closely to ensure that all deadlines are met, that all the interested parties are kept updated, about the progress of the project, and that all relevant documentation is collected.

We give priority to a proper documented basis for any given project, therefore it is of great importance to clarify the project objectives and associated success criteria in the initial phase, so that your expectations and our services are consistent. Defining the objective can be based on technical and functional requirements, overall schedules or budgets. We are always available with suggestions and guidance in relation to the prioritization of these.

On an empirical basis we have put together a project process which ensures that all phases of the process is based on project specifications and is approved as the construction process proceeds, this is done to ensure that your project will proceed without any unnecessary waste of time. Naturally we make individual project processes so we can take the utmost account of your internal procedures, resources and deadlines.

During the project process we conduct reviews where we coordinate among project stakeholders,  we provide a factual input to the debate on possible design solutions and ensures that decisions on the project's continuation is made on a well-founded and motivated basis.

In addition to managing the deadlines and assignments to guide you safely through all the phases in the process, we can also work in internal teams within your business where we are available for the development of internal project process and documentation.