Competences - FRECON A/S - Mechanical Constructions FRECON A/S - Mechanical Constructions
CE Dokumentation Frecon
Konstruktion Frecon AutoCad Inventor
FEM_FEA Frecon Ansys MathCad
Konstruktion Frecon Creo Element
Visualisering 3Dvia Composer Frecon

At FRECON we solve all kind of tasks. Our core competence is mechanical engineering, and we offer to prepare the documentation that is to be used for verification and approval of the component by the authorities.

We handle both small and large projects and will gladly manage complete projects.  All of the design, construction and documentation is done using, our own equipment with our own licenses.

Among other programs we are working in:


  • Creo Elements (Former ProEngineer)
  • AutoCad Inventor


  • MathCad