Arne Von Eitzen, Lead Design Engineer, FRECON (Horsens)

Arne Von Eitzen, Lead Design Engineer, FRECON (Horsens)

Arne von Eitzen is employed at FRECON as a Design Specialist. He came directly from DTU, where he had completed a Master’s in wind energy, specialising in flow dynamics, CFD and FEM. At FRECON he has been able to realise his dream of applying all his core competences. 

Arne von Eitzen graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering from Aarhus University, and in the summer of 2018 he completed his Master’s degree in wind energy at DTU (Technical University of Denmark). From there he went straight to FRECON.

Met FRECON at a job fair
Arne met FRECON for the first time at a job fair in 2016, where they recommended that he focus on CFD, as they considered both the area and Arne to have future potential. “That was an excellent piece of advice, and I chose to follow it,” says Arne with a smile.

The job at FRECON is precisely what I have been dreaming of, but I was far from sure that it was realistic for me here and now, having just graduated. I dreamed of working with design and calculation for different companies (customers) in the Wind Power Industry, in combination with flow dynamics. For me, FRECON was the perfect match, and fortunately they also saw potential in employing me.
Arne von Eitzen
Lead Design Engineer, FRECON

CFD – a new strategic focus area
CFD is a new strategic focus area at FRECON, and a niche for which they expect a growing demand. FRECON has started competence development in the area in recent years, and with Arne’s appointment they have acquired yet another competent employee, who can help them develop the business area.


CFD har fået solid opstart
CFD har fået solid opstart
Arne tells:

'With strong competences within flow dynamics, CFD and FEM as well as extensive knowledge of wind power, we can offer our customers unique opportunities to visualise flows around a wind turbine blade, for example, which is a very cheap alternative to a test in a wind tunnel. It can also involve gases and the flow of liquids around a body or thermodynamics. The initial feedback from our customers is excellent, and we now look forward to new interesting projects.'

Frequent commuter and experienced horse groomer
Arne is already busy in his job as a consultant at FRECON, where he thinks he has good opportunities for further developing his competences. Having to travel around Denmark to visit customers doesn’t put him off.

‘During most of my life I have been used to having to commute every day, for example to get to school. As a child I lived in Geltinge, 35 km south of Flensburg, but I went to school at the Danish Duborg School in Flensburg. In recent years I have spent many weekends (while studying in Aarhus and Copenhagen) travelling with my girlfriend to her parent’s stud farm, also located in northern Germany, where we help groom the horses and look after the farm. The work with the horses and out in nature is a wonderful change from my job as an engineer.’