WE WELCOME THREE NEW COLLEAGUES IN THE FRECON TEAM - FRECON A/S - Mechanical Constructions FRECON A/S - Mechanical Constructions

Siavash Anders Tommy Frecon Nye medarbejdere 20190506

Photo: Siavash Taher (left, below), Anders Qvist (left, beneath), and Tommy Eschelund (right). 

It is with great pleasure we welcome three new consultantsand colleagues. We all look very much forward to a constructive and mutual cooperation.

As of 25/4-19, Anders Qvist is employed as Design Engineer. Anders holds an MSc. in Race car Aerodynamics from the University of Southampton and a BEng (Hons) Automative Engineering from Birmingham City University. Among others, Anders will support on FEA/FEM and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

As of 01/05-19, Siavash Taher is employed as Lead Design Engineer. Siavash holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Aalborg University and a PhD in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering from University Putra in Malaysia. Siavash comes from a position as a composite specialistin DIS A/S. Siavash has years of experience within wind turbines and will among others provide support to our wind projects and on FEA/FEM calculations.

As of 06/05-19, Tommy Eschelund is employed as Solution Specialist. Tommy has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Copenhagen University College of Engineering and has for the past 10 years worked for Vestas in NPI and R&D, Cooling, Conditioning and Fire Suppression. Tommy has a very broad engineering experience and will support projects in various industries.