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FRECON A/S offers a very versatile and effective visualization of your ideas, at the same time we possess both the experience of creativity and thus acts as competent advisors in the decision about the realization of the project.

In the starting process our sketches of several alternative design presentations can ensure you an informed basis for decisions on the project continuation. In the same manner, we can help you with visualizing your idea as the basis of patenting or sale.

We work in 3DviaComposer for both the 2D and the 3D visualization and we can illustrate new subjects adaptability to existing conditions as well as modelling new subjects based on functional, manufacturing or design conditions.

An effective visualization can help to avoid costly and delaying detours on the project's path from idea to reality.

Visualization can among other things be used as:

  • Supplement to a prototype
  • Sales Material
  • Decision base
  • E-learning
  • Interactive manuals